I’ve Moved!

If you are reading this it means that you have successfully followed the trail of breadcrumbs to my new blogging home, part of the new Scale Abilities website. Thank you for following!

From a blogging perspective, nothing has changed – I will be writing the same kind of content as before, with just as much personal opinion as ever. The only change is to the domain name of the hosting site. All old links should lead straight to the new site, thanks to the WordPress.com redirect option, with the exception of the root/home page, which will now go to the front page of Scale Abilities company site. If you want to come directly to the front page of my blog and cut out all that company stuff, here’s the link.
One thing you RSS people might want to do is to pick up the more selective RSS feed from the top right of all my blog posts (and the front blog page), as this will cut out the company news from your stream. If you don’t mind the occasional bit of company news in there, you don’t really need to do anything.
Anyway, that’s the admin over: I’ve got something on my mind that I need to write about…

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