Drill Down the I/O stack at UKOUG Tech13

It’s just under a week to go before the doors open for the UKOUG Tech13 conference and the adjoining OakTable World UK 2013 sessions, so I thought I would write a very short blog post about what I will be doing there, where I’ll be, and what I’m looking forward to.

This year I will be presenting four different presentations, which will keep me fairly busy. The schedule is as follows (but please check for last minute changes in schedule and room assignments nearer the time):

  • Sunday 1st December, 13:40: “Optimal Oracle Configuration for Efficient Table Scanning” at Tech13, room Exchange 11
  • Monday 2nd December, 08:45: OakTable World UK 2013 Opening Address
  • Monday 2nd December, 10:15: “What the Heck is Async I/O and Why Should I Care?” at Tech 13, room Exchange 10
  • Monday 2nd December, 14:10: “Diagnosing ASMlib” at OakTable World UK 2013
  • Tuesday 3rd December, 09:00: “The Least You Need to Know When Evaluating Exadata” at Tech13, room Exchange 6

Those that are interested in understanding more about optimising their I/O stack will be interested to hear that my first three talks all flow together. The “Table Scanning” talk takes the listener through all the essential components for configuring Oracle for high bandwidth table/index scanning. The “Async I/O” talk drills in further to one of the really important parts of this: Async I/O. Then in “Diagnosing ASMlib”, we get really deep and dirty into the oracleasm kernel module, looking at module source code and putting together diagnostic tools for viewing ASMlib I/O (which does not show up clearly in strace!).

My Exadata talk is aimed at DBAs, managers and Architects, and is focused on covering the most important aspects of the Exadata architecture in an open and honest way. That means without any sales hype or hidden agendas. It includes my usual candid opinions on what Exadata is really good at, and what it isn’t great at.

I am heavily involved in the organisation of OakTable World UK 2013, and so I am likely to be spending a large amount of my time over at that event rather than attending many sessions. If you’d like to meet for a coffee/tea, please seek me out at #OTWUK13, or drop me an email to arrange something prior to the event on james.morle@scaleabilities.co.uk. It’s a great opportunity to talk about platform design/architecture, performance, etc. I’d love to catch up with you!

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