Announcing OAK Talks

This year at the UKOUG conference the OakTable Network will be trying something a little different. In addition to the usual 45-60 minute presentations during the conference, and the special OakTable Sunday event immediately prior to the conference, we will also be trialling a new concept – the OAK Talk. Anybody that has watched a TED Talk, or was even more fortunate to attend, will be immediately familiar with this concept – very short, concise and entertaining presentations.

The OAK Talks will be presented every day during the conference in a rapid fire fashion. Each lunchtime the ‘Unconference’ area of the exhibit hall will be occupied by the OakTable team to deliver FIVE presentations within the space of an hour. The presentations will be different each day and will feature the following presenters:


  • Tuomas Pystynen
  • Niall Litchfield
  • Doug Burns
  • Marco Gralike
  • Jonathan Lewis


  • Graham Wood
  • Niall Litchfield
  • Mogens Noergaard
  • James Morle
  • Martin Widlake


  • Alex Gorbachev
  • Christian Antognini
  • David Kurtz
  • John Beresniewicz
  • Dan Norris

We will be tweeting further news using the hashtag #OakTalks.

Hope to see some of you there, it promises to be an interesting spin on technical presentation style.

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